We are Quality and Cost Effective committed in the service delivery to our Clients. Our Aim is through SHEQ standards and Professional service delivery we strive to assist our Clients to minimize downtime and making sure that they reach their production targets. This is the first step to ensure critical mechanical maintenance work is done on schedule as per scope of work

Engineering Suppliers to the following Industries

• Mining
• Eskom
• Food Industry
• Agriculture
• Entertainment
• Automotive
• General Engineering

Manufactures of:

• Jigs and Fixtures
• Injection Molding
• Conveyor Idlers
• Conveyor Frames
• Fabricator
• Industrial Chain
• Safety Equipment Lockers for the Mines
• Cradles for Railway Tracks
• All Types of Steel Work









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Specialized Engineering Services


  • Pre-Treatment
  • Powder Organic Coating
  • Laboratory & Testing
  • Powder Storage
  • The Powder Manufacturer

Pre- Treatment

Pre- treatment process refers to the treatment of metal surface, prior to applying the final finish, to retard corrosion of the base metal.

Mild Steel Pieces

Mild steel pieces will be pre-treated in accordance with the code of practice for the preparation of steel surface for coating.

  • Degreaser
  • Rinse-constant flow of clean water


Sandblasting will be done if on mild steel parts. All parts sandblasted will be washed to avoid contamination.

Powder Organic Coating

Components and test panel: Pre-treatment will be carried out as stated in section 1 and the powder coating shall comply with the requirements as agreed to.

Surface Appearance

The finish will not show any pinholes, craters, fish eyes, loss of gloss, orange peel, powder contamination or blisters.

Color, texture and gloss

The finish will be inspected once per shift using the master samples supplied.


Will be checked on every twentieth completed item with a minimum of three determinations a maximum of five determinations using calibrated equipment.


Will be tested once every job lot received prior to dispatch, using the Cross Hatch Method of SABS 159 (this test will be carried our on test pieces only).

Laboratory & Testing

The following equipment is utilized:

Pressure cooker SABS 1040
Thickness meter
Reverse impact tester SABS method 141
Gloss meter done by powder supplies
Adhesion (cross hatch method) SABS method 159

Pre- treatment system testing is done by Chemical supplier monthly.

Powder Storage


We have an enclosed Powder store separate from the factory and all powders are stored at 25degrees Celsius or less.

Powder Manufacturers

The Powder Manufacturer must be able to issue a certificate for powder supplied to us if needed.

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